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Trusted by Industry Leaders

“In today's landscape, every CISO must navigate the tricky balance between embracing GenAI technology and maintaining security and compliance. Prompt serves as the solution for those who aim to facilitate business growth without compromising data privacy and security.”

Mandy Andress

CISO, Elastic

“Prompt Security has been an invaluable partner in ensuring the security and integrity of our multi-agent Generative AI application, ZOE. I anticipate that the criticality of protecting our AI from prompt injections and other adversarial attacks will rise significantly over the next year, as those techniques become more wide-spread and publicly available. Prompt Security’s industry-leading expertise in detecting and preventing prompt injections, as well as other flavors of Large Language Model attacks, has given us peace of mind, ensuring that our AI application can consistently deliver trustworthy results, fully protected from malicious abuse. Their dedication to cybersecurity and the innovative field of LLM security measures is truly commendable.”

Dr. Danny Portman

Head of Generative AI, Zeta Global

"Prompt is the single user-friendly platform that empowers your organization to embrace GenAI with confidence. With just a few minutes of onboarding, you gain instant visibility into all GenAI within your organization, all while ensuring protection against sensitive data exposure, prompt injections, offensive content, and other potential concerns. It's truly an exceptional product!"

Guy Fighel

Senior VP, New Relic

"I had the pleasure working and collaborating with Itamar as core members of the OWASP Top 10 for Large Language Model Applications, where we mapped and researched the threat landscape of LLMs, whether your users are just using existing application or developing ones themselves. I found Prompt Security’s approach to reduce the attack surface of LLM applications as powerful, realtime, providing true visibility of the detected threats, while offering practical ways to mitigate it, all with minimal impact to teams’ productivity."

Dan Klein

Director, Cyber Security Innovation R&D Lead at Accenture Labs & OWASP Core team member for top 10 llm apps

“In today's business landscape, any organization that embraces GenAI technology (and they all should) understands that it introduces a fresh array of risks, ranging from Prompt Injection and potential jailbreaks to the challenges of managing toxic content and safeguarding sensitive data from being leaked. Rather than attempting to address these risks on your own, which can waste a significant amount of time, a more effective approach is to simply onboard Prompt. It provides the peace of mind we've been seeking.”

Assaf Elovic

Head of R&D, Wix

“If you're looking for a simple and straight-forward platform to help in your organization's safe and secure adoption of GenAI, you have to check out Prompt.”

Al Ghous

CISO, Snapdocs

“I like Prompt Security. It adds an important layer of GPT safety while maintaining user privacy. I'm not sure what I'd do without Prompt.”

Jonathan Jaffe

CISO, Lemonade Insurance