Prompt Security partners with F5 to secure GenAI applications with a Firewall for AI

April 30, 2024

Tel Aviv, April 30th, 2024 - Prompt Security, a leading AI Security Platform, is delighted to announce its partnership with F5 (NASDAQ: FFIV) to deliver a firewall for AI applications on F5 Distributed Cloud Services. This joint solution aims to address the growing need to protect applications powered by Generative AI (GenAI), as these applications expose organizations to a brand new attack surface.

Almost 30% of enterprises deploying AI in 2023 had a security breach, according to Gartner. Prompt Security enables enterprises to benefit from the adoption of Generative AI while protecting their stakeholders and applications from the full range of risks presented by the technology. At every touchpoint of Generative AI in an organization, Prompt Security inspects each prompt and model response to prevent the exposure of sensitive data, block harmful content, and secure against GenAI-specific attacks such as prompt injections or jailbreaks. Prompt Security also moderates the content produced by LLMs to prevent the dissemination of toxic or harmful content that could potentially harm the company's reputation.

"AI is becoming an essential part of enterprise application strategy, which introduces new security risks. Recognizing this, F5 is committed to enabling our customers to deploy AI capabilities securely in their environments. Our collaboration with Prompt Security, an early leader in AI security, will enable joint customers to address the growing need for securing this new attack surface by seamlessly leveraging F5 Distributed Cloud Services’ secure multicloud networking and Prompt Security to secure their AI workloads." – Pranav Dharwadkar, VP, Product Management at F5.

Prompt Security's Firewall for AI, now available on F5's Distributed Cloud Services App Stack, will bring value to organizations in four key areas of GenAI Security:

  1. Addressing GenAI-specific security risks: GenAI has brought with it a brand new set of security risks such as prompt injection, jailbreaking, denial of wallet, and more, and as such traditional security approaches alone won’t suffice. All traffic to GenAI applications is routed through Prompt Security, providing complete visibility and protection on incoming prompts.
  2. Ensuring data privacy and preventing leaks: In order to provide the most beneficial user experience, GenAI applications typically have access to corporate resources, but also 3rd party LLMs and vector databases. Prompt Security can filter and obfuscate any sensitive data on the fly, allowing organizations to keep their data private and stay compliant.
  3. Moderating content produced by LLMs: Equally as important as inspecting user prompts before they get to the company’s systems, is ensuring the responses produced by LLMs are safe and do not contain toxic or harmful content that could be damaging for the company.
  4. Implementing governance and visibility: App developers and security teams must monitor inbound and outbound traffic from GenAI apps at all possible points. This will become increasingly important as regulations surrounding AI tighten. Prompt Security provides full logging on each interaction with homegrown GenAI apps including user, prompt, response, findings and more.

"F5 is an indisputable leader in Web Application Firewall, serving 85% of the Fortune 500 companies. Given the massive adoption of GenAI, there’s no doubt that addressing specific GenAI risks is becoming the next big thing in application security,” said Itamar Golan, CEO & Co-founder of Prompt Security. “We’re excited to partner withF5 and look forward to helping our joint customers securely adopt GenAI in their applications without opening the doors to a new array of risks."

Prompt Security’s Firewall for AI can be easily instantiated anywhere within F5 Distributed Cloud AppStack, managed by a standard Kubernetes orchestration. This quick, simple instantiation can be expanded to different regions across the world to address performance or geographic data protection requirements. This partnership will help organizations secure their GenAI applications, improve business productivity, and maintain data governance.

About Prompt Security

Founded in August 2023, Prompt Security delivers a complete solution for all generative AI security in the enterprise. Its robust platform supports millions of prompts and thousands of users per month. The founding team combines deep expertise in both cybersecurity and AI, with years of experience building and securing machine learning systems at organizations like Check Point, Orca Security, and Israel’s elite intelligence unit 8200. Prompt’s CEO Itamar Golan was on OWASP Top 10 for LLM Applications core team and Prompt’s CTO & co-founder Lior Drihem contributed to the project. The Prompt Security team of researchers has created proprietary LLMs and developed novel patent-pending techniques for detecting generative AI threats and addressing the associated risks.

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