Brand Reputation Damage

The non-deterministic nature of LLMs poses significant risks to your brand reputation when exposing users to your GenAI apps.


Equally as important as inspecting user prompts before they get to an organization’s systems, is ensuring that responses by LLMs are safe and do not contain toxic or harmful content that could be damaging to an organization.

Inappropriate or off-brand content generated by GenAI applications can result in public relations challenges and harm the company's image, hence moderating content produced by LLMs - given their non-deterministic nature - is crucial.

Key Concerns:

  1. Toxic or damaging content: Ensuring your GenAI apps don't expose toxic, biased, racist or offensive material to your stakeholders.
  2. Competitive disadvantage: Preventing your GenAI apps from inadvertently promoting or supporting competitors.
  3. Off-brand behavior: Guaranteeing your GenAI apps adhere to the desired behavior and tone of your brand.

How Prompt Security Helps

Prompt Security safeguards your brand's integrity and public image by moderating the content generated by the LLMs powering your homegrown apps.

In order to mitigate the risks, Prompt Security rigorously supervises each input and output of your homegrown GenAI applications to prevent your users from being exposed to inappropriate, toxic, or off-brand content generated by LLMs that could be damaging for the company and its reputation.

Time to see for yourself

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