Data Privacy Risks

The risk of sensitive information disclosure has become increasingly significant in the era of Generative AI: whether it's employees exfiltrating company data to GenAI tools or LLM-based applications revealing sensitive data.


Data privacy has become increasingly crucial in the era of GenAI tool proliferation. With the rise in GenAI tool usage, the likelihood of sharing confidential data has escalated.

LLM applications have the potential to reveal sensitive information, proprietary algorithms, or other confidential details through their output. This can result in unauthorized access to sensitive data, intellectual property, privacy violations, and other security breaches. It is important for consumers of LLM applications to be aware of how to safely interact with LLMs and identify the risks associated with unintentionally inputting sensitive data that may be subsequently returned by the LLM in output elsewhere.

Key Concerns:

  1. Employees sharing confidential information through GenAI tools
  2. Developers exfiltrating secrets through AI code assistants
  3. Homegrown GenAI apps leaking exposing company information

How Prompt Security Helps

Prompt Security's platform inspects all interactions with GenAI tools to prevent data exfiltration either by employees to GenAI tools, or the homegrown GenAI apps revealing company information to its users. Any sensitive or confidential information will be identified automatically. Users and Admin will receive immediate alerts for each potential breach, accompanied by real-time preventative measures such as redaction or blocking.

Time to see for yourself

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