Legal Challenges

The emergence of GenAI technologies and the accompanying regulatory frameworks is raising substantial legal concerns within organizations.


The emergence of GenAI technologies is raising substantial legal concerns within organizations. These concerns stem primarily from the lack of oversight and auditing of GenAI tools and their outputs, as well as the potential mishandling of intellectual property. In particular, these issues can manifest as unauthorized use or "Shadow AI," unintentional disclosure of sensitive intellectual property to the tools, migration of intellectual property through these tools, and the generation of harmful or offensive content that may reach customers.

Key Concerns:

  1. Absence of Audit and Visibility: Addressing the challenge of unmonitored GenAI usage or "Shadow AI."
  2. Intellectual Property Disclosure: Preventing sharing of proprietary information with GenAI tools.
  3. Intellectual Property Migration: Safeguarding against the unintentional transfer of intellectual assets through GenAI tools to your company.
  4. Generation of Harmful or Offensive Content: Ensuring GenAI tools do not produce content that could harm customers or the company's reputation.

How Prompt Security Helps

To navigate these challenges, Prompt Security implements rigorous compliance and governance mechanisms for GenAI tool usage, giving full visibility to IT and Security & Risk Management teams of the use of AI across the organization. We provide comprehensive auditing capabilities to monitor and control GenAI interactions. Our system is designed to detect and either block or alert about any intellectual property data entering or exiting through these tools. Additionally, our platform filters out any potentially offensive or harmful content, ensuring that customer interactions remain safe and respectful, thereby protecting your company's reputation and legal standing.

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