Detecting and Managing AI when AI is Virtually Everywhere

July 7, 2024

TL;DR: Our proprietary dynamic detection of GenAI tools and applications offers the broadest and most comprehensive detection of Shadow AI in the market, including more than 8,000 different GenAI applications (yes, there’s more than just ChatGPT out there). Whichever AI risk management policy you define, it catches all employee usage of emerging GenAI tools.

The Challenge of Detecting and Managing AI when AI is Virtually Everywhere

Security and risk management leaders are racing to become the safe enablers of AI in the organization. However, attempting to manually block or set new policies for every new AI application is not only impractical but also impossible. The dynamic nature of AI means that new tools and updates are released at a pace that far outstrips the capabilities of traditional security measures. This issue is only set to grow more serious as organizations adopt AI at an unprecedented pace, leading to an unmanageable and invisible Shadow AI attack surface.

GenAI is not limited to standalone applications like ChatGPT; it is being integrated into virtually any SaaS tool or website. From CRMs incorporating GenAI components to enhance customer service and data analysis, through communication platforms using GenAI to summarize your corporate conversations, to developer tools providing out-of-the-box GenAI coding assistants. it is crucial for organizations to detect such  Gen-AI components in real-time and implement necessary protections to safeguard their data.

CISOs and security leaders we regularly speak to initially relied on simple URL filtering to allow or block employee usage of  AI tools. This method relies on static lists of “known” GenAI applications, however, these lists are often incomplete and cannot be updated quickly enough to keep pace with the rapid adoption of new AI tools by employees.

Prompt Security’s Dynamic Detection of Emerging AI Tools

To address these challenges, Prompt Security offers a dynamic detection mechanism that can keep up with the fast-paced AI landscape. Our technology listens to browser traffic and uses advanced heuristics to identify behavior indicative of GenAI applications, being able to detect even previously unseen AI components, ensuring comprehensive security visibility and management of AI tools across users and user groups in the organization.

This mechanism also leverages the network effect to constantly update its detection models based on usage patterns. This means that our system becomes more effective over time, learning from the AI tools and components used across different organizations.

In order to provide the most accurate verdicts and avoid false positives, our approach involves a detailed analysis of webpage content, network traffic, and user interactions. This allows us to determine whether an action is generated by a user, a product, or an automatic process. 

Constant Self-Testing

Almost as an anecdote, since every day or week we see infographics and lists of the GenAI tool landscape, we use those as a benchmark to test the detection rate of our dynamic Shadow AI detection mechanism. And guess what? Week over week, we automatically detect between 98% and 100% of the tools listed in such reports. 

Thanks to our preemptive identification of these emerging GenAI tools, our customers and partners can apply necessary measures, from data redaction and sanitization to outright blocks, ensuring their organizations remain both innovative and secure.


Prompt Security's dynamic detection offers a comprehensive detection and security for AI tools, adaptive to any organization’s risk management policies. Whether you're approving or blocking apps, our platform adapts to new AI tools as they appear, providing peace of mind and robust protection against Shadow AI.

Want to learn more about our dynamic detection of AI tools in the organization? Talk to us today.

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